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United Way Offers Free Summer Meals for School-Aged Children Launched Statewide
United Way of King County, in partnership with Washington's Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, has launched the Free Summer Meals program for school-aged children to help families meet their nutritional needs. ESPAÑOL

Sara Seelmeyer, food security program manager at United Way of King County, said hunger was an issue before COVID-19, but the pandemic exacerbated the food insecurity that continues today. The crisis has disproportionately increased food insecurity of Black, Indigenous and other people of color.

"Kids in low-income families benefit from and rely on free and reduced-price school meals program during the school year," said Seelmeyer. "Summer can be an... Continues...

Coronavirus COVID-19 Review

Larger news organizations are better equipped than we to follow the coronavirus-COVID-19 emergency; here are just a few: • Seattle TimesWashington PostSafe Food HandlingDiscussion

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More jobs added to state payrolls in May
OLYMPIA – Washington’s economy added 8,300 jobs in May and the state’s preliminary seasonally adjusted monthly unemployment rate fell slightly to 5.3 percent from April to... Continues...
Payroll employment growth slows in April but remains positive
OLYMPIA – Washington’s economy added 11,200 jobs in April and the state’s preliminary seasonally adjusted monthly unemployment rate stayed constant at 5.5 percent from... Continues...
Payroll employment shows strong gains for second straight month
OLYMPIA – Washington’s economy added 23,100 jobs in March and the state’s preliminary seasonally adjusted monthly unemployment rate decreased from 5.6 percent in February to... Continues...
OPB video helps explain "herd immunity"
Oregon Public Broadcasting has produced an easily understood explanation of the concept and how it could help return us all to a normal routine. Follow the link to view the video.
State unemployment rate falls; payrolls inch forward
OLYMPIA – Washington’s economy added 1,000 jobs in October and the state’s preliminary seasonally adjusted monthly unemployment rate for October decreased from 8.3 percent... Continues...

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Rees Clark 30-Mar-2021
Kindly share...

Site Admin 09-Mar-2020
Stay informed about COVID-19 with the latest from King-Seattle Health Department.
Frank Alexander 12-Jul-2019
? for the HR dept.: If Dir. of Nat'l. Intelligence Dan Coats leaves and Tr*mp replaces him with yet another acting director, can there be any hope that that person will truly act intelligently?
Edson Romero 13-Mar-2019
Just brought my company LER Web Services to Seattle from Miami Lakes. We hope you welcome us with questions.
Sasha McGuire 15-Jul-2013
Getting excited to travel to Woodinville Lavender and seeing and smelling a field of lavender!
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The Conversation

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rees - Mar 28, 2020, 7:08 PM
I don't often agree with Kim Jung-un, but the past few days the word "dotard" has been bouncing around in my mind. The idea of picking and choosing "safe" counties is so ludicrous...
rees - Mar 28, 2020, 6:17 PM
It seems pretty clear our response capability has been allowed to atrophy. IMHO the Ds slacked off, but the Rs just don't care.
rees - Mar 28, 2020, 6:14 PM
Tr*mp Grandstanding Again. This time it was at the departure of the hospital ship Comfort enroute New York. No need for his presence; it just delayed the departure. I'm guessing he...
rees - Mar 28, 2020, 6:11 PM
Pres. Tr*mp has from the start made this too much about himself. Agree or Disagree?
rees - Mar 27, 2019, 12:10 PM
South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg seems very rational so far, but should he be elected, I'm a little concerned about the danger from flying bone shards as the heads of some of my...


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