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Academy Of Music Northwest
A leading music school in Washington State, The Academy of...
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Day and night our luxury service connects all of Bellevue,...
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Personal injury attorneys: car accidents, wrongful death,...
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Executive sedan / car for hire / town car service. Airport...

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TRUMP TOWER MOSCOW 'Net Domain Renewed During, After Campaign
Pres. Trump has claimed that he had no pending deals in Russia after the beginning of his presidential campaign. Yet consider the Internet domain It was registered in 2008 by "The Trump Organization" and has been renewed annually including three times (2015, 2016 and 2017) since the presidential campaign of 2016 began.

If indeed the project was to end before the election campaign of 2016 as Pres. Trump has asserted, why would registrants renew the related domain afterward, most recently in July 2017, through 2018? It certainly contradicts the statement that the candidate had no pending deals in Russia. It would appear that someone within The Trump Organization is at the very least hedging his bet, and as everyone knows, that "organization" is totally controlled by... Continues...

The Blurt Board

Rees Clark ( 27-Dec-2017 )
Pres. Trump has not denied that if he is not invited to the royal wedding he will declare the US independent of the British crown.
Frank Alexander ( 6-Nov-2016 )
Finish line?
Sasha McGuire ( 15-Jul-2013 )
Getting excited to travel to Woodinville Lavender and seeing and smelling a field of lavender!
Icono Clast ( 24-Feb-2012 )
It's simple if you're a corporate "leader": (1) Hold wages down with unfair labor practices; (2) Manipulate legislators with donations and dogma to hold taxes down; (3) Keep a growing share of national income.
vidya sagar ( 25-Mar-2010 )
Buying Seattle Condos---Research Its Neighborhoods First LINK

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Solid gain in payroll employment, unemployment rate little changed
OLYMPIA – Washington’s economy added 7,100 jobs in April and the state’s seasonally adjusted monthly unemployment... Continues...
A Day in the Life of Joe the Conservative
"Joe gets up at 6 a.m. and fills his coffee pot with water to prepare his morning coffee. The water is clean and good,... Continues...
Interior Dept. Shamed into Abandoning Fee Hike
Alt National Park Service Reports: Attn: Your voices have been heard! The Interior Department is backing off from... Continues...
Training and arming classroom teachers as school guards; costly, bad idea
Donald Trump, ever our protector, has proposed arming 20% of school teachers as part-time guards. That's 600,000... Continues...
DJT Immigration Pronouncements Ring Hollow
Trump stated that the U.S. should admit more immigrants from Norway. In a recent meeting with the leader of Norway he... Continues...

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